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Cost of life

Life may not have been easy, but it has been my life. 48 years old nurse, yoga instructor, pilates instructor, tai chi structor and very, very proud mum to two amazing boys. Gosh though my life isn't perfect it is pretty darn good, but it wasn't always this good.

Yesterday came with costs that I brought forward to today. The biggest costs were not the financial costs, they were the emotional costs that limited the success of my todays. A failed marriage, and other normal set backs have influenced who I am. At times I have thought I am not good enough to make a positive difference. Or thought that I am not doing enough, or that I don't write well enough etc.

Some of you may know I am currently recovering from inflammation of my brain tissue, hence my writing style is still recovering. As I started to write on social media since being unwell, I have been so touched by all those that have offered to support me by assisting to correct my spelling or grammar. This support has reassured me that my best today is enough. But also very aware that most readers don't mind that much.

These limitations have meant it has taken me 48 years to create my first blog, 45 years to being a yoga teacher etc. Time has taught me .... nothing I do is perfect or can't be improved but it is enough. Actually sometimes my imperfections make some people more comfortable.

2020 is my year when I stop counting the cost, and start to look at the todays of my future. My future days need to support more people to have more time at home and out of hospitals. It is my opportunity to support individuals with cognitive decline, enabling them to maintain good relationships with their loved ones. My chance to enable more individuals to like themselves a little more, and connect a little more with their loved ones.

Today we push 180 to signify the cost of mental ill health "It’s hard to quantify the total economic cost of mental ill health, which includes everything from appointments, hospital beds and medications, to more abstract costs, like lost productivity, diminished wellbeing, and decreased life expectancy. A draft report released in October 2019 by the Productivity Commission estimated that the total cost of mental ill health in Australia was approximately 180 billion dollars per year" (Pushup challenge).

So as

I feel the pain and push a few more, maybe you can support someone somehow to decrease the cost of their mental health challenges? Or maybe you can come and join my community, or book a private with me to help you live your best life.

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