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We literally need to sleep to live our best lives.

At stages of my life something I have not had the priviledge having control over. Shift work played havoc with my sleep, as did caring for young children. So some sleep challenges have been out of my control. But I have found routine good quality sleep has been so important for my health.

I haven't always slept as well as I do now. "Australian adolescents are not getting enough sleep on school nights, averaging 6.5-7.5 hours instead of the recommended 8-9. Survey results indicate that up to 66% of adolescents are experiencing symptoms of sleep disturbance, and rates of insomnia are very high in this age group. Not enough sleep can dull our positive emotions and make it more difficult to regulate our negative emotions. Poor sleep in adolescence can convey a higher risk of developing depression later in life. As well as putting down the electronics, some other suggestions to improve sleep include getting exercise during the day, drinking caffeine before lunch only, getting some sunlight every day, making sure the sleeping environment is dark and cool, having a set bedtime and getting up the same time every day." (Push up Challenge 2022)

As someone that wanted to help others, I needed to practice what I was educating others on. I decided to opt for regular working hours, I know a priviledge not all have. I decided to eat medicinal food, exercise, turn off my phone at night time when able. I continued to do yoga and meditation.

And it worked. My sleep though not perfect consistently improved.

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