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Feeling happy through challenges

Everyone wants to be happy, but for some it seems unattainable. We strive for more stuff, better jobs, better relationships, better health. All this things things are great. What if despite our efforts, we don't get what we thing we need to be happy. Science says I will be happy when I exercise at least 20 minutes every day, when employed, when I am healthy, sleep well, have a partner, meditate, do movement with breath, eat real food, remove excess from my life, decrease exposure to negative people and connect ith nature. For some this list is totally exhausting even to read - and some is out of our control.

Do I have it all? No. But I am enough!!! And I am truly happy.

Do I have the secret? Maybe. Today I chose to be happy. Is my life perfect - no! I am not going to wait for perfect. I can decide to be happy :)

I chose to walk, talk, listen, and appreciate the joy and beauty in life. When unsure, I Breathe in and Breathe out, and repeat as often as I need.

Since Covid started to influence Yogamates and my clients, I had to adapt. Some of my clients have found it has come naturally to change with the times and support those around them, some not so easy. Adaptions have had varying results from working really well to not so well. People have responded differently: they're lonely, quiet, busy, happy, depressed, anxious, unsure and they miss their face to face classes,

Today I did 155 pushups to support those whose needs are greater than mine. The sobering message shared by the push up challenge brought a tear to my eyes as my body struggled through the physical challenges of pushups. "An estimated 15.5%, of young LGBTIQA+ Australians have made a non-fatal suicide attempt at some point in their lives. Among trans people, that number rises to almost 50%. By this measure, the LGBTIQA+ population is the most over-represented group in the country. The driving factors behind these devastating rates of mental ill-health amongst LGBTIQA+ Australians are not well studied. However, we do know that LGBTIQA+ people continue to face high rates of discrimination and stigma from a young age. About 60% of LGBTIQA+ young people report experiencing verbal homophobic abuse, and about 80% of this abuse occurs at school. Living with discrimination and stigma has a substantial impact on levels of psychological distress and can make it harder to seek help when it’s needed."

And tonight as my body aches I celebrate my first zoom meditation, and clients that showed up, So in different homes tonight people set their space, infused nice smelling oils and allowed time to still their mind.

My classes may not be big, but I am grateful for those that have consistently put in continued effort to show up despite the change. Don't wait for perfect normal classes, come and join us and see if you sleep better, feel better,

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